Festival Beach Food Forest

About FBFF

“​Festival Beach Food Forest is a grassroots pilot project neighboring the Festival Beach Community Garden and RBJ Residential Center in East Austin. We have transformed 2/3rds of an acre of City Park Land into an edible forest garden where visitors can openly forage and enjoy fresh food on the shores of Lady Bird Lake. Fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs now flourish in this experimental pilot project to reclaim the public commons.”


Volunteer Opportunities

  • First Saturday Plant Walks: Join in making the project space artful and volunteering on workdays or with the core team.
  • Second Saturday Workdays and First and Third Wednesdays: Help make the Food Forest grow and thrive on one of the regular workdays.
  • Visit anytime: The Food Forest is on park land, and you are welcome to visit at any hour of the day.

Volunteer Requirements

FBFF does not list volunteer requirements on their website.

To apply to be a volunteer, go to FBFF’s Volunteer page.

Or visit their homepage: https://festivalbeach.org/

Festival Beach Food Forest Locations

Volunteer Opportunities by Interest

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