Austin Civic Orchestra

About ACO

“The Austin Civic Orchestra (ACO) is a non-profit civic organization that has been around since 1977. The ACO is devoted to bringing high quality music to the community and providing a musical outlet for professional and non-professional musicians alike. The ACO performs six to eight concerts each season, all of which offer programming to suit a wide variety of musical tastes, from traditional classics to pops and most everything in between. Presented at assorted convenient locations in the Austin area, the relaxed atmosphere and affordable cost have proven appealing to this community.”

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Soliciting donations
  • Selling advertising
  • Selling tickets and merchandise during concerts
  • Conducting telephone surveys
  • Preparing for receptions

Volunteer Requirements

ACO does not list volunteer requirements on their website.

To apply to be a volunteer, go to ACO’s Volunteer page.

Or visit their homepage:

Austin Civic Orchestra Locations (n/a)

Volunteer Opportunities by Interest

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