Austin City Limits Music Festival

About ACL

“Austin Parks Foundation [APF] has been a partner and beneficiary of the Austin City Limits Music Festival for 13 years. Over the course of our partnership $35 million has been generated by the festival for our public parks, trails and green spaces.”

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer HQ Team: Greet volunteers, check IDs, and use an online program to verify check-in and add notes. Distribute t-shirts, answer general questions, and replenish supplies.
  • Rock & Recycle Team: Ensure that festival patrons are aware of efforts to recycle and encourage them to participate. Hand out special bags for patrons to fill with designated recyclables. Once filled and returned, they get a free festival t-shirt.
  • Divert It! Team: Educate patrons on how to properly dispose of their waste, recyclables, and compostables in the correct bins, and educate them about environmental initiatives. Aim to divert as much waste from landfills as possible.
  • Backup Team: Support all other teams as needed.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Submit a volunteer application.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must live in the Greater Austin area.
  • Priority is given to volunteers who are available for a shift each day of the festival (all three days of either or both weekends). A typical shift is four hours per day.

To apply to be a volunteer, go to APF’s ACL Volunteer page.

Or visit ACL’s homepage:

Austin City Limits Music Festival Locations

Volunteer Opportunities by Interest

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