Texas Youth Helpline

About Texas Youth Helpline

“The Texas Youth Helpline provides prevention services to youths, parents, siblings, and other family members who are in need of a caring voice and sympathetic ear. Trained volunteers are on call to provide guidance on youth-related concerns, referral information, or simply listen. The helpline receives thousands of calls each year, and the helpline’s database includes approximately 2,000 listings of state and local resources. To date, staff and volunteers have answered more than one million calls.”


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Helpline volunteer: Help youths in at-risk situations and their families in your community, including runaway and homeless youth who live on the streets of Texas.
  • Outreach volunteer: Distribute awareness materials to schools, social service agencies, and other youth-related organizations statewide.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Becoming a helpline volunteer requires additional training.

To apply to be a volunteer, go to Texas Youth Helpline’s How You Can Help page.

Or visit their homepage: https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Youth_Helpline/default.asp

Texas Youth Helpline Locations (n/a)

Volunteer Opportunities by Interest

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