Ecology Action

About Ecology Action

“Since its founding in 1969, Ecology Action has been committed to the mission of landfill diversion and zero waste awareness in Austin, Texas and the surrounding region.

Ecology Action envisions a world where landfills are no longer necessary. For almost 50 years we have been turning waste into resources, processing materials to their highest and best use.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Friday Volunteer Days: Sign up for one-time events on Fridays to help with environmental cleanup. Check Ecology Action’s Event Calendar for available Fridays.
  • Group volunteering: Ecology Action can coordinate environmental cleanup activities on a variety of days for groups of 5–100.
  • Community service volunteering: Ecology Action allows for individuals to complete their community service hours on Fridays from 10am to 2pm only. Advance sign up is required.

Volunteer Requirements

  • All volunteers must submit a form on Ecology Action’s volunteer page to sign up for an event.
  • When volunteering, wear protective clothing, appropriate shoes, and mosquito spray.
  • Bring water, stay on the path, watch out for poison ivy, and do not eat plants from the site.
  • No digging allowed, and no unsupervised groups.

To apply to be a volunteer, go to Ecology Action’s Volunteer page.

Or visit their homepage:

Ecology Action Locations (n/a)

Volunteer Opportunities by Interest

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